Bethesdaland – E3 2017 – Rab’s Impressions

They had a ferris wheel!? Man, I wanted to go to Bethesdaland…

Hey all! Rab here. Bethesda’s Press Conference had a live stage and audience, but most of it was presented via a Nintendo Direct-like showcase of Bethesdaland. So they pretty much gathered a bunch of folk into a room and showed them a Nintendo Direct for an hour. Most of the stuff they showed was not new, just updates coming to games we’re already playing now and a couple surprises. I’m gonna talk about ’em all anyways, and dabble in Devolver Digital’s Conference as well since I don’t think it deserves its own post! Let’s take out our tickets and head straight for the main attraction then!


Bethesda had a couple VR things to show off, those being DOOM VFR and Fallout 4 VR… both of which are literally their respective games but with VR functionality. Sold separately too, I believe. And I haven’t bought into VR yet because it’s way too expensive for the few games out for it, and seeing as I could just play Doom and Fallout 4 without VR already… yeah, no.


Because they didn’t learn their lesson the first time around, Bethesda is once again trying to sell the idea of Paid User-Made Mods for their games with the Bethesda Creation Club. Instead of outright selling mods like their failed Steam experiment before, the Creation Club will instead be a joint effort between Bethesda employees and some of the greatest community modders to create “official” content for Bethesda games, that are intertwined with the games the content is made for. Think of it like individual pieces of content added over time to games via updates, except this time you have to spend money on them. They used Skyrim and Fallout 4 to demonstrate the uses that can come out of the Creation Club, but it’s still pretty meh and not really interesting.

They did promise that regular user-made mods are not going anywhere, and that community-made mods won’t be a part of the Creation Club ever. Which means all existing mods on Steam and wherever else won’t be a part of that, as all Creation Club content will be completely original and made for Creation Club. That’s pretty alright, as that means the Creation Club just has to produce unique content to grab people’s attention. That also means that community members could just mimic the mods made for Creation Club and release them for free, so I wonder how they’ll combat that?


I think the game is just called The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim for the Switch. Makes sense. But what they showed off for the Switch was 2 things: amiibo support, and motion controls. You can use a Link amiibo to spawn a chest from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and take out gear and weapons based off Link from that game! Want to run around with the Master Sword dressed up in stylish blue adventuring garb? Link is the true Dragonborn.

Motion controls allow you to use motions to block, fight, and fire arrows, as you would expect. I’m sure it’ll be fun to play around with, but honestly, the thought of using the individual Joy-Cons outside the grip for anything just seems uncomfortable, especially with a game so heavy on button usage like Skyrim.


A new Dishonored adventure! I’m guessing it’s a standalone adventure since it doesn’t say Dishonored II. Unfortunately Dishonored is another game series I don’t play, but it’s another game my brother might be interested in. As for me, not so much. I don’t really like watching gameplay of it, besides that one time I saw a whole bunch of different ways to kill one guy which was very entertaining. But no, not interested in this.


I don’t like horror games, so yadda yadda, uninterested. And if I might add, I doubt many would be interested since the trailer didn’t really show any gameplay. Just a guy getting sucked into white stuff over and over, and the world changing a lot. Some scary monster things appeared, and the guy was chasing after a little girl the whole time which I guess is the point of the game? But it was all pre-rendered, so I don’t really care. Gameplay might’ve been mixed in there, but it was very hard to tell.


I haven’t played any Wolfenstein game ever. Last year, I never played a Doom game until the new one was announced, and I went and beat the first 2 original Doom games plus the new one and ended up loving the series. So what I’m saying is that this trailer for Wolfenstein II makes me want to go back and play what I missed. I’m more talking about the newer Wolfenstein games that this one is a sequel of, not so much the DOS classic. But eh, I might play that one anyway. Who knows, who cares?

But seriously, Wolfenstein II looked so good! Gameplay wise, while light on that, was good. Like Doom but instead of demons from Hell, you’re fighting Nazi’s in a cityscape! I’m sure it’ll be tons of fun, and the story parts of it seem entertaining as well. Like that guy with the little cartoon lizard! I don’t know what that was about, but I love it and want more! Also, giant fire-breathing robo dog. That you can ride. Just… I want all that.


Of course they had to talk about Quake Champions, but it was 99% all about eSports! They announced the Quake World Championship, which I won’t watch because from the beta gameplay on Twitch streams I saw, it didn’t look interesting to watch. Maybe to play, but since the game is all in on eSports, I doubt it. Oh, and BJ Blazkowicz will be a new champion. He’s from Wolfenstein if ya didn’t know.


I know you’re probably sick of me saying this, but this is another game genre I just can’t get into. I don’t like these free-2-play card games riding off the success of Blizzard’s Hearthstone whether or not the gameplay is similar or unique. Elder Scrolls Legends looks to be more on the unique side of gameplay, but I still don’t care. The game was announced to be coming to Android and iPhone, alongside a new Skyrim-themed expansion called Heroes of Skyrim. Still don’t care though.


…So, why did this show up? Really, I don’t get why The Elder Scrolls Online was here at all. They announced NOTHING NEW AT ALL for it. It was just a trailer for the Morrowind expansion and nothing else… but why show it? Why did we need to see a trailer for an expansion that is already out and get nothing else? It was just odd, I didn’t quite get it. But we got a trailer for an already-released expansion, so… that’s that, I suppose.


So Bethesda’s conference was lots of showing off not just games we already know about, but games that have already been out for more than a year. We’ve seen Fallout 4 and Skyrim enough times! Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and The Evil Within 2 are the only new games, and it’s just two sequels and a spin-off I presume. Otherwise, it was the announcement of Doom VFR, which just looks like Doom but with VR. The announcement of the Creation Club is pretty dumb because the thought of paid mods is still a dumb idea, whether or not they’re “official” or not.

And looking at other opinions of the conference, I’ll just have to cast my vote into the “Bethesda didn’t need to have a conference this year” camp. They didn’t really have anything new at all to show, and focused too much on the games that they already released. Very disappointing, probably moreso than EA and Microsoft who at least did show multiple new games.


So right after Bethesda’s conference and a 30 minute break, Twitch held a Pre-Pre-Show event that was… the craziest and most absurd thing to ever exist, and quite literally the highlight of E3 so far. The peak of that was Devolver Digital’s “Press Conference,” which was the biggest satirical conference ever made that poked fun at modern gaming and E3 conferences in the best ways possible. The reason I’m talking about Devolver Digital’s event here instead of it’s own post is because apparently, no new games were announced during all of this. I mean, I didn’t know we were getting a new Serious Sam game! But it’s a top down pixel-based shooter, so I think I was better off not knowing…

Anyways, it was a hilariously ridiculous conference, and the Pre-Pre-Show afterwards also had some hilarity. I especially liked Frog Smashers, the Super Smash Bros game but with only Frogs and only Home Run Bats. GENIUS.

Okay, NOW I’m done! So with what’s been announced and shown so far in all the conferences… E3 2017 is very, very bad. Last year was pretty amazing for all parties, but we’re halfway through the Press Conferences and all of them have been disappointing so far! So it’s up to the PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo to lift things up with some amazing game announcements!

But seriously, what’s up with this E3? I guess all the amazing unannounced games are in their early years of development and aren’t ready to be shown off yet, which is a shame but I’d be okay with that. Games need to be made first before they can be shown after all, not everyone can have Earliest Access unless they’re working with Devolver Digital.

Anyways, I’m watching the PC Gaming Show right now. It’s everything I expected so far, sleep-inducing boredom and another preview of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord with no release date in sight. Ubisoft is after, and considering what I’ve seen so far, I have HIGH HOPES for Ubisoft to bring an awesome conference with fun games in tow. And yes, that’s because there’s so many low bars right now that it’s just not possible to not trip over any of them. With that said, I will see ya’ll later!


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