PC Gaming Show – E3 2017 – Rab’s Impressions

I fell asleep in the middle of it, so you can probably guess it wasn’t interesting at all.

Hey all! Rab here. So by looking around, there aren’t many folk who made lists of what was talked about during the PC Gaming Show yet, so I’ll just talk about what I know was announced or talked about. I saw more than half of it!


A new expansion for XCOM 2 was announced called War of the Chosen. That’s all I know about it. I zoned out the entire trailer, honestly speaking. While I like playing strategy games, XCOM just isn’t one that I like to play. I tried multiple times, but I just couldn’t get into it. So I don’t really care at all about the sequel or whatever comes to it.


This was a cute looking game where you grow tiny creatures (which I assume are called Ooblets) in gardens, and then you make them fight other Ooblets a la Pokemon. You can also customize your player character in a similar fashion to Animal Crossing, though they really only showed hair options. Speaking of Animal Crossing though, you can also customize your home! Looks adorable and fun, so here’s something to look forward to.


This is a turn-based mech battle game where you command mechs to fight mechs and you had me at mechs. Looks complicated though, I don’t like the overly-complex strategy games where you gotta keep an eye on this, that, and everything. So maybe, maybe not. I’ll need to see more, but when it comes to mechs, I prefer piloting them as opposed to commanding them.


This was another reminder that Mount & Blade II exists and is coming, still looking very pretty and fun to play. Aaaand still no release date. I loved Mount & Blade Warband, so I really want this game… but when am I gonna get a release date, dang it?


I don’t care much for Warhammer or anything related, and I tried and failed to get into Total War, so I just won’t try for this game.


Another f2p card game riding off Hearthstone‘s success. But I did play Shadowverse and I’ll say that I didn’t dislike it. What was announced was a new expansion called Wonderland Dreams which looks pretty neat to me! I like fairy tales, so maybe this is a good time to revisit Shadowverse for me. Later this month, I’ll have to check it out.


A 3D isometric game where you play as a fox thing. It looks very Zelda-like in terms of gameplay, but it also looked like those artsy games that I tend to not like since they tend to be rather short experiences with more focus on visuals than gameplay. But I digress. The game could be good, and we could always use more Zelda-likes! Classic Zelda-likes, I mean.


I still don’t care about this game at all, and they just talked about stuff for the game I don’t care about.


Tripwire announced a new DLC for Killing Floor 2 called The Summer Sideshow, which takes place in a Zed-infested circus! I still need to get Killing Floor 2, and I guess I could play it now since it was free for PS+. Though I do want it on PC!

I guess the part after this is where I dozed off, so I’m not entirely sure about what comes next. I’ll just look at announcements and trailers and see what’s up!


I guess they showed off the PC version of Forza 7, since the game is part of Xbox Play Anywhere. Like I said before, I don’t like these realistic car games, so…


Just talking about Sea of Thieves, nothing really interesting. Still interested in the game itself, however.


This showed up during Microsoft’s conference, the pretty pseudo-3D but mostly pixel art game with lots of lighting effects and such. I still don’t really get this game. It looks nice… but what kind of game is it? I see guns sometimes, but mostly just a guy walking around and lots of pretty sights. This is just a longer version of what we saw at Microsoft’s conference, and gameplay is still a mystery.


Another survival/crafting game by the makers of ARMA, apparently. The name makes me angry, and I don’t like the art direction of the game. Plus, I played enough of these games already. I don’t think this game really adds anything new to the formula to warrant going for it.


A… turn-based RPG? Combined with exploration and story progression through dialogue…? Not really sure, but the art style is nice. Could be interesting, but I’d have to see straight gameplay.


This game looks pretty dang neat, probably the most appropriate VR game made thus far! Seriously, moving around an environment not by actually moving around, but by dragging yourself? Genius. They also showed off the multiplayer mode called Echo Arena, which is a 3v3 game where you have to toss a disc into the enemy goal with your teammates. And of course, you do that by dragging and throwing yourself around the room! I really like that, it’s the kind of VR experience I’d love to try for myself. Still, VR headsets on PC are expensive…


I won’t even look at gameplay for it or whatever they talked about regarding it, because it just doesn’t look interesting to me. I don’t even like Overwatch, the game that keeps getting compared to this one. Lawbreakers just seems like it wants to jump on the eSports bandwagon, and that’s a bandwagon I’m not even a part of.


Basically Advance Wars, and that’s awesome. Of course if Nintendo won’t make an Advance Wars themselves, then the next best thing would be this! There’s also that extensive map editor, which is always a neat addition. Looking forward to this one!


Same opinion as last time!


I guess the original Age of Empires but remastered as a definitive edition? Cool for fans of these games, but again, complicated strategy games aren’t for me. Plus, this looks rather plain, no unique setting or anything. Since it’s a remaster, I can’t exactly blame it for that.


So all in all, a pretty decent showing of games. I wasn’t really sold on anything new that I didn’t know about, and I’m excited for the game that I knew were coming that happened to show up! So not exactly disappointing, but not fantastic either. Which means it was pretty decent! Weird, but totally expected of the PC Gaming Show.

So with that out of the way, Ubisoft is next! I just finished watching the conference and am very excited to talk about the games! Yep, the first conference to really be fantastic! And it starts with a bunny and a plumber. Until then, see ya’ll!


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