Ubisoft Press Conference – E3 2017 – Rab’s Impressions

Praise be Lord Rabbid who have struck thine Ubisoft with the magic to succeed this E3… Who am I kidding, Miyamoto was the star! Or Beyond Good and Evil 2, whichever comes first.

Hey all! Rab here. I’ve got 3 more conferences to talk about, then I talk about other things for a change! Thankfully, Ubisoft was very good this year and they brought some mind-blowing announcements beyond the leaked Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle! Yeah, even more surprising that that! Let’s hop in and sail onwards to the impressions!


It was leaked. It was SO leaked. The leaks for this game were so huge, that the bucket they used to catch the leaks was leaking and then the whole bucket just kinda exploded leaks all over the floor… quite the mess.

The mess paid off though, because it fused together two personally beloved gaming icons and set them off on a grand adventure through a Rabbids-infested Mushroom Kingdom! With a team of 4, combining the forces of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi with 4 Rabbid variants of them in XCOM-style gameplay with a goofy Mario/Rabbids twist! The world has been transformed, Goombas are stuck to walls, and Rabbids are fusing with beloved Mario enemies such as the Piranha Plant and Donkey Kong! Various kinds of Rabbids are your adversaries, and the Mario + Rabbids gang are packing heat this time around with wacky guns! But of course you can expect more tradition fisticuffs from hammer slamming to slide-kicking!

The game looks freakin’ insane and I love it. I did say that I didn’t like XCOM’s gameplay before, but this game just feels like pure fun and none of that overly complex tactics stuff. Kinda like Disgaea, including the fact that you can launch characters across the field! Plus the visuals are stunningly Mario and Rabbids at the same time, the music is done by GRANT KIRKHOPE, and the wackiness is beyond hilarious!

And I LOVE Rabbids. They’re the reason my name is Rabbin8ter! So this is literally a dream I never knew I had come true game for me. People can complain all they want about the Rabbids and how much they hate them (I hear people saying that the Rabbids are too much like the Minions and I hate those people so much), but this game is my favorite so far out of all the games announced thus far. Not counting the next two conferences, of course.


Explore all of America once again, but this time on a motorcycle! No, a speedboat! No, a plane! NO! YES! Drive literally every kind of vehicle to explore America in it’s shrunken state while also sometimes competing in races or whatever. Didn’t play The Crew, but with all these crazy options available, consider me interested in The Crew 2!


Transference is a VR game… that’s it. I know next to nothing else about it. But it’s definitely a VR game, I’ll give it that.


Now this game… THIS GAME. If you liked the pirate ship gameplay of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, then this is the game for you! And for me too, because I loved the pirate ship from that game! While I’m not sure if this game will have a story mode or have anything besides driving a pirate ship, but it does have 5v5 multiplayer combat here you’re team needs to collect the most treasure and run off with it before the enemy team or I guess the navy sinks you!

It looks very much like Black Flag in terms of gameplay, though it does have some new stuff like taking over several parts of the ship, so it isn’t just you sailing around. Commanding your crew is important, and you can take control of them on the fly! Not sure what benefit that brings, but hey, more pirates, more Drunken Sailor, and I’m all for it!


Innovating a bit more on the Toys to Life genre started by the ever-dying Skylanders, Starlink hopes to bring spaceship customization to the real world by allowing you to slap new ship parts on the fly, and they’ll appear in-game just as quick! The surprising news is that this game is also coming to Nintendo Switch, so heck yeah, more Switch games! Unfortunately…

Have you seen where you put the spaceship? Right smack on top of the dang controller! On the Switch Joy-Con Grip it looks fine, but not so much the Xbox One and PS4 controllers. Wouldn’t it get in the way of the HOME Button? Or, y’know, the Dualshock 4’s big touch button? Plus, who wants a toy ship on top of their controller at all times? Wouldn’t it make the controller uncomfortable to hold?

Regardless of how it’ll work, I am interested. Space dogfighting on top of going down into orbit and fighting creatures in a spaceship sounds fun, and definitely a very unique experience compared to Skylanders or Disney Infinity.


Played and beat Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon, played but got bored of Far Cry 4 and never touched Primal, and now we have Far Cry 5, which takes place in America for a change. Setting the controversies this game apparently stirred up aside, I’m all for crazy open-world shooters like this and might consider it if nothing else similar gets announced. As of now, I can’t think of one FPS like Far Cry that’s coming out anytime soon, plus this has a dog ally and that’s a no brainer for me.


South Park‘s humor is… rather unique, I can’t lie. But their style of humor is very hit or miss for me, and I don’t watch the cartoon, nor did I play The Stick of Truth. So not really interested in this, regardless of what I think of the Superhero setting this game takes as opposed to the fantasy Dungeons & Dragons-esque adventure the last game went for. I might watch it, I guess.


Take the South Park game I just talked about, and remove the plot. Then replace the superhero conflict with Cowboys vs. Indians, and you have South Park Phone Destroyer! It’s got the RPG gameplay and visual style that has wowed fans of the show in addition to plenty of phone gags from a fake video messaging app to various Cowboy and Indian-related humor that may or may not be offensive! Lovely all around, should be a fun trip for fans on the road or waiting for their console games to download large updates.


More Just Dance, what else did ya want? I liked the robot guys dancing on stage.


That game about snowboarding or whatever is getting an Expansion based on the Olympics, which I assume includes many Olympic Events and makes any snow-themed Olympics games irrelevant. Sorry Mario & Sonic


The highly-anticipated sequel to a game I never played and therefore will never understand the cheers and crying that followed the cinematic trailer, and also the game is actually a prequel. Since it’s a prequel, I suppose it’s fine to be excited for it whether or not I played the original or not! I forgot, was it an OG Xbox game or 360? Maybe that’s part of the reason for OG Xbox backwards compatibility?

Whether or not I have that right, I do have to say that this trailer was hilarious and filled with more swearing than both South Park trailers! Impressive. But despite the hilarous robot-armed monkey, I can’t really be excited without any gameplay… but good for the folk who wanted this sequel- er, prequel!


So Ubisoft actually surprised me and had many interesting games! Obviously Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle won me over without a doubt, but Skull & Bones was a welcome surprise, alongside the multi-vehicular The Crew 2 and surprise Toys-to-Life announced Starlink! I know for sure that many people were screaming their heads off for Beyond Good and Evil 2, so overall, I think Ubisoft struck gold and are sitting at the top! Blew all the other conferences I talked about away! But still, we got Sony’s next…

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be doing Sony’s next! I saw it a while ago, and it’s… probably on the same level as Ubisoft actually. I would’ve said “OH MY GOODNESS BEST CONFERENCE EVER” if it wasn’t for a few things I’ll talk about in the next post! Until then, time to catch some Zs at camp after a Well-Done Steak! See ya’ll later!


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