Sony’s Press Conference – E3 2017 – Rab’s Impressions

Didn’t think I was watching a recording of last year’s Sony Press Confere- WAIT A FINGER LICKIN’ MINUTE, MONSTER HUNTER!!!?

Hey all! Rab here. Sony’s Press Conference has lots of games and lots to be excited about… but mostly stuff not coming this year or stuff we’ve seen before. You’ll see what I mean when I start talking about stuff!

Also, I’ll only be talking about the games announced during Sony’s Press Conference. I know Undertale and GT Sport were announced in the Pre-Show, but they didn’t show up at the conference! I’ll find time to talk about any extra games that escaped the conferences later on, don’t ya worry!


The only Uncharted game I ever played was Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the PS Vita, and I did enjoy it! But I didn’t play ANY of the mainline Uncharted games, and therefore am not very excited for this, I’m assuming, standalone spin-off of Uncharted 4. Funny thing, I DID own Uncharted 4 at one point, but I just never bothered playing it. Don’t have it anymore, though.

Anyways, I’m not interested in this game. It stars characters that I don’t know because I didn’t play the main games, and I wasn’t interested in the trailer they showed. There wasn’t much gameplay to it either, mostly story content. And this will be a running trend as you’ll quickly find out.

Or if you watched all these events already which I’m pretty sure you would if you’re reading this for opinions. so yeah, it’s mostly cinematics and very little gameplay!


This was Sony’s Breath of the Wild! Or so many have said, but according to my brother, it’s anything but and boring enough to trade in. I didn’t touch it, nor was I even interested in watching my brother play it, so this brand new expansion pack called The Frozen Wilds definitely isn’t on my radar.


Last year I was impressed by this massive zombie horde chasing you down in a barn, and everything breaking and collapsing in on itself from the sheer weight of these zombies. And this year, we got more gameplay, but this time with less zombies. I mean, there were zombies, and even a zombie bear, but it focused on more familiar 3rd person shooter/open world tactics such as sneaking, scouting, and using traps and distractions to sneak past human enemies. What was super neat was when the protagonist guy set up some C4 on a wooden barrier that separated zombies from a human camp, blowing it up, and watching as the zombies swarmed the human camp like a huge wave!

It was hilarious, though clearly unrealistic in the fact that so many times, humans or zombies could TOTALLY SEE YOU but never reacted to you at all. Other games in this very presentation also follow suit with similar blind enemies, though I suppose Assassin’s Creed Origins that was shown off before in Microsoft’s conference has it the worst. We can advance so far in graphical technology, but still can’t solve AI blindness.

In any case, I’m still looking forward to Day’s Gone! Hope to see some impressions from the show floor in the coming days.


YES!!! YES!!! OH MY GOODNESS, YES!!! I did scream when I saw that Great Sword come by, and I loved EVERYTHING I saw in this trailer! It’s Monster Hunter on the PS4, with a seamless open world, a cool slingshot thing that also acts as a grapple hook, the new monster thing looked… like a sick and twisted cross-breed between a Congalala and a Deviljho with a little Gypceros added in… boy, that sounds all kinds of messed up.

But then Rathalos showed up, so all’s well that ends well! I didn’t like the fact that the iconic Cooking Spit song and looting sound effects were absent, but apparently that stuff WILL be in the game, just not in this demo build. Awesome! But that was announced after the fact, let’s keep discussion on what was announced during the conference!

Also, game of E3 for me personally. Unless Nintendo Treehouse announces something that somehow blows THIS away.


…Oops. When I had a PS Vita and PS3, I played and beat Shadow of the Colossus with Remote Play. And now we’re getting the game again, looking BLOODY GORGEOUS MIND YOU, but… do I really want to play it again? Okay, the ONLY reason I’ll play this again is if they add new Colossi, maybe stuff that they initially cut from the original game? In that case, HECK YES. If not, meh.


Call of Duty‘s grand return to World War 2 after MANY years of futuristic takes on warfare gets shown off because of course it does. I only play Call of Duty games for the story modes, which are usually fantastic. Battlefield is my go-to series for multiplayer war shooters, though I never got a chance to play Battlefield 1 multiplayer… I literally and purposefully zoned out the entire trailer for Call of Duty, so I supposed they showed off multiplayer stuff for the first time? I guess? Either that, or just a new trailer for the game. I’ll probably end up buying it for one reason or another.


I knew we didn’t have enough ways to play Skyrim, and hot off the presses of Bethesda’s VR craze, here’s Skyrim VR for the PlayStation VR! Need I say more?


A brand new never-before-seen military shooter taking advantage of PSVR, but it also looks super generic. And there wasn’t even any personality from the soldiers in the trailer, and if there was in the game, I bet it’d be another dudebro war game or something. Not interested.


Never played a God of War game period, and all the past ones look far more action-packed than this slower-paced take on the story of Kratos and his father-son time as an dad with a manly beard. Giant World Snake, however, peaks my interest. But only a little bit. Because while it did show various amounts of gameplay, an over-the-shoulder view of Kratos as he hacks and slashes with an axe, combined with input from his son from time to time, and a GIANT SNAKE FRIEND, the game looked too reliant on cinematic stuff. Like the killing animations didn’t exactly look like you had much input, and there was lots of just looking at things and listening to story stuff. Hopefully Sony isn’t 100% about the cinematic appeal, because the game playing itself is hardly fun. The most gameplay we’ve seen from this whole conference so far is still Monster Hunter World, of course. Since Monster Hunter is usually 100% gameplay!

But yeah, more actual gameplay from God of War, please.


Or is it just called Detroit? Because I see people calling it just that, but I thought it had that second part on the title.

Anyways, this is that super-cinematic game about androids holding an uprising against the humans, and YOU have the choice to make that uprising either peaceful or violent. You play as multiple androids, each with their own goals that you set out to accomplish in your own way. Last year, we saw a detective android who had to talk an android from holding a little girl hostage. This time, we followed an android that planned to stage a revolt, grabbing as many androids as he could to liberate them from human enslavement.

And I still don’t care. This is probably the least interesting game of the conference for me since it’s basically a movie where you get to choose how it ends. Make choices, watch them unfold. That’s it, nothing more. I mean, unless you’re excited for QTEs? This obviously isn’t the game for me, since I like PLAYING GAMES, and if I wanted to watch a movie, I’d go to the movie theater and watch a movie. I just saw Wonder Woman last weekend. It was great. Would I want to “play” Wonder Woman, but this time I could make the story go in different directions? Replay the “game” over and over again to get all possible outcomes?

That kind of gameplay sounds boring when you aren’t playing an actual game. Infamous did it right I think, where it had all this gameplay, awesome gameplay mind you, and you could be bad or good based on your actions, and the consequences affected your gameplay AND your heart at the same time! You might feel feels for the androids in Detroit or whatever, but it’s literally just a movie where you get to choose the outcome. Not sure why stuff like this keeps getting the game treatment when it’s hardly a game at all, but I guess some people like this…


Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Does whatever a Spider-Man can! I’m no superhero buff, but I do like me some Spider-Man! And this game is made by Insomniac, so it’s an instant win for me. Favorite superhero (sorta by default)? Check. One of my favorite developers? Check. I’m in, I’m sold, show me the gameplay.

And that’s exactly what they did! We got to see Spider-Man gameplay for the first time since we saw that initial teaser from last year’s E3, and it was great! We get to be freakin’ SPIDER-MAN! And from the looks of it, it takes many ques from Spider-Man 2 on the PS2. Not sure if that’s intentional or not, but right on! I was too young to acknowledge that game back then, but now I can appreciate this game!

I hear a lot of people say it looks like the gameplay from the Batman Arkham games, and while I do like that game’s combat, I think Spider-Man is more original than that. Spidey Sense helps you dodge enemy attacks, not so much the invincible counter thing that Batman had going for him, and Spider-Man mostly uses his webs to disarm, subdue, and various other things to baddies. He can even use webs to utilize the environment around him for various effects, from web-swinging across the ceiling to grabbing a crane and smacking it into foes.

Speaking of cranes, one of those collapses during the gameplay demo, and superhero Spider-Man needs to save the day first and foremost! While his adversary gets away, Spidey focuses on stopping the crane from falling onto the streets below via a QTE sequence of Web-shooting mixed with lots of jumping and getting hit by the crane. It’s good ol’ QTE’s, not much to say there. But then it seamlessly transitions to web swinging across the city as Spider-Man has to chase after the helicopter carrying a generator from his earlier attempt to ground it. That encounter showed many awesome moments from wall-running to swinging through destruction caused by the hanging generator. Also, that helicopter pilot deserves a medal.

But the helicopter is eventually broken into by Spider-Man, and the whole thing starts falling down to the city below, which means more QTE’s to save the citizens below! It finally ends with Spider-Man catching the destroyed helicopter in a web of… webs, and he takes up a super iconic picture-moment pose, which is what one notable character in the crowd below does.

So that was an awesome gameplay trailer, and I am definitely looking forward to Spider-Man!


…THAT WAS IT!!!? That’s the big problem with this conference, there was too much of what we already saw at last year’s E3 Press Conference without so much as reliable release dates besides 2018, besides the very few games coming out this year. Monster Hunter World won absolutely without a doubt, but everything else was just more trailers and nothing else. The Last of Us Part 2 didn’t make an appearance, we were promised something Crash Bandicoot-related showing up, which I guess was the Coco trailer they showed BEFORE THE CONFERENCE, Sony’s big racing game GT Sport was also revealed and shown off BEFORE THE CONFERENCE, and everything IN THE CONFERENCE was either disappointing or too far off!

This is honestly the same problem that Bethesda had, they showed more trailers about stuff we already knew about as opposed to actual new things. Sure, Sony definitely showed more new than Bethesda did since they didn’t talk about old gam- oh wait, Shadow of the Colossus. Well besides that! Sony’s conference was better than Bethesda’s simply due to Monster Hunter World and Spider-Man, but everything else was either shown before but with slightly more to it, or just something uninteresting like the VR stuff or Call of Duty. I think they also showed Destiny 2 stuff, which I also didn’t care at all about since the first Destiny was nothing but a disappointment in my eyes. And it was mostly for PlayStation-exclusive content anyways.

Overall, Sony didn’t WOW me with any of their games. Capcom, on the other hand! I should also note Marvel vs. Capcom Infinity, which I’m 99.9% sure had Jhen Moran from Monster Hunter show up at one point! So yeah, CAPCOM won Sony’s Press Conference for them. But of course, there is one more conference left…

So that’s my thoughts on the Sony Press Conference this year! Disappointing, but I am all kinds of excited for Monster Hunter World! Like, I NEED MORE OF THAT!!! And since we’re apparently not getting Monster Hunter XX for 3DS and Switch, they best darn make World a bloody amazing game to make up for it!

So I got one more conference to talk about, Nintendo! And of course I saw it already. They win. And it was hardly a contest! Nintendo on by a landslide, no doubts about that. So keep in touch for next time when I give my thoughts on how Nintendo crushed ALL the competition in 25 minutes! Until then, see ya’ll later!


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