Nintendo Spotlight – E3 2017 – Rab’s Impressions

SUPER SMAAAAAAASH your hopes and dreams because that wasn’t announced or even hinted at, but hey, we got plenty of other confirmations and surprises!

Hey all! Rab here. Nintendo Spotlight is the final event of E3 that’s big enough to constantly be called a Press Conference, despite being the second-shortest of the bunch (if you count Devolver Digital as a Press Conference). And I’m well aware that Nintendo kept announcing stuff afterwards during their Nintendo Treehouse sessions, but I will only be talking about the games announced during the 25 minute Nintendo Spotlight. I’ll probably find time to talk about the other games announced during E3 outside of any conferences soon enough! But without further ado, let’s-a go!


As expected, Nintendo and Monolith Soft showed off Xenoblade 2 for the Nintendo Switch. Gameplay was shown alongside story content, featuring a character named Rex wielding a sword that is powered by a girl named Pyra. Guess what her attribute is?

The gameplay looks more streamlined than the previous two Xenoblade games, which is a nice touch and makes the game look a bit less like a singleplayer MMORPG. The art style has taken a more anime-like approach when compared to the original Xenoblade, which I don’t have a problem with since I like colorful stuff. I do however, have an issue with the character design. Specifically, Mr. Main Character Dude. Like, geez what an outfit! And people are complaining about Pyra, what about Rex? Though I guess the outfit doesn’t matter, since Xenoblade usually lets you change outfits.

As for whether or not I’m looking forward to this or not, I suppose I feel indifferent. I put a bit more time into Xenoblade X than I did the original game, but still didn’t get anywhere near finished. These games are pretty long, and I do eventually lose interest rather quickly. I know I didn’t like using the Monado in the original Xenoblade, alongside the future vision and such that Shulk used, but Xenoblade X lacked any form of uniqueness due to giving you free reign of your class and abilities. The way I see it, Xenoblade 2 seems to mix both the uniqueness of the first game and the customization of the second, since Pyra isn’t the only sword person you can use, in addition to your whole party being able to use similar sword people. Or in one of the character’s cases: a freakin’ wolf. That they ride on. Right on.

So yeah, the game is interesting, but I’m not quite sure I want it. I’m definitely getting it anyways because my brother will buy it regardless of what I think, but I wonder if this game will keep me interested long enough to finally beat it? Depends on the characters I guess, and Xenoblade X was pretty close to keeping me invested. Just not enough. Third time’s the charm, then?


Kirby Kirby Kirby, saving the day! Kirby Kirby Kirby, he’s here to stay! And he sure is, as Kirby is making a comeback on the Nintendo Switch in the brand new Kirby game called… Kirby! Working title, folks. Kirby stars yes in another 2.5D sidescrolling adventure through Dreamland, with the return of enemy companions from Kirby Super Star! Of course you can now have up to 3 buddies, all of whom can be controlled by the CPU or even players. Another partially returning feature is the Copy Ability Merging from Kirby 64, except this time it’s more of an elemental fusion. Take the Sword ability for example, and have your fire companion set the blade on fire. Boom, Fire Sword.

What makes it similar to the merging Copy Abilities from Kirby 64 is the fact that the abilities take different forms entirely by fusing a Copy Ability with an allies element. Like Kirby fusing his Rock Copy Ability with ice and becoming an Curling Stone that slides around. Can’t wait for the creativity born from elemental Copy Abilities!

And while this game does look a little similar to the Wii’s Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, I think it definitely has that visual upgrade that the Switch allows due to superior hardware. Plus Planet Robobot looked a lot like Triple Deluxe, and the former was even better than the latter to the point of being one of my top 3 3DS games! And I never played Return to Dreamland anyway, so what do I know? Multiplayer Kirby heck yeah!


Pokemon Company is working on a core Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. This should make the fans angry at the mere existence of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon less angry, but this announcement came with no gameplay, no concept art, no nothing. Unless you count words as something, and they are things, so there ya go. The game is also not coming for possibly more than a year, so I doubt we’ll hear more about the project this year. Just enough time to wreck stuff in Pokken Tournament, conquer the Alola Region again in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and train the very best Magikarp in Magikarp Jump like no one ever has.

Well, to be honest, that last one could definitely last you.


Yep, it’s finally confirmed. Everyone can shut up no- wait, it’s just another early teaser. The game is in development, but nothing more than a logo to show for it. Well, at least this announcement had the courtesy to have a name, a logo, and the Metroid theme playing to stab us with that much more hype. Welp, just another thing to look forward to I guess.


Because everyone loved Yoshi’s Whooly World, we’re getting another Yoshi game! This time, instead of yarn again, Yoshi is taking a stroll through a diorama created from everyday household items such as cardboard, toys, rubber bands, and lots of craftworks you probably played with as a kid more than you did with yarn! And while Nintendo finally learns that we aren’t cats, I do believe this game looks all kinds of charming, especially since another beloved Yoshi game from the N64 era had the same art style! Yep, this is full on Yoshi Story vibes! I’m thrilled, plus it’s co-op. Nothing to lose and all to look forward to.


I never beat this game. I had lots of fun exploring, and I haven’t even reached Gerudo Desert at all yet, but I put the game down because open world games tend to bore me. And while this game gets a lot right, and I had many crazy and silly encounters, I still ended up getting bored before the end. I guess I need faster, more linear games?

Anyways, Nintendo gave details on the DLC content for Breath of the Wild, revealing the contents of the first 2 DLC packs coming out very soon. This month, actually! The first pack includes the Trial of the Sword, which is a lengthy challenge of naked Link vs. 45 rooms of enemies surviving on nothing but his runes and his wits to unlock an ubercharged Master Sword that never needs to recharge ever again, effectively giving you an invulnerable weapon. You also get Master Mode, which increases difficulty not just in enemy HP, but also in enemy AI, a new Gold tier of enemies, and even some new enemies like Flying Octoroks! You also get some new map features such as a way to see exactly where Link has been in the last 200 hours of play, so you can see where you’ve been! Lastly, there’s a special item that lets you set up your own custom fast travel point anywhere on the map! And since I lied about that being the last thing, there’s also a couple brand new armor sets based off various Zelda things such as the Phantom Armor from Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, Majora’s Mask from yes, Tingle’s outfit, and Midna’s hat! Also a Korok Hat that let’s you know when you’re nearby a hidden Korok! AM I DONE YET!!!? THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST PACK!!!

As for the second pack called The Champion’s Ballad, nothing really concrete was announced for it besides it having something to do with the original 4 champions who perished after Calamity Ganon awoke. You got to rescue their spirits and obtain neat abilities during the course of the game, remember? Yeah, nothing much else announced for what that pack will contain, but we do know that we’re getting 4 new amiibo based off the 4 champions! Maybe the new DLC is a flashback where you get to control the champions? That’d be neat, but let’s wait for more info before getting excited over theories!


The popular car soccer game is coming to the Switch, with Cross-Play functionality with PC and Xbox! No Sony because Sony ain’t team players. But regardless, it’s neat that this is coming, especially since it’s getting exclusive carts and accessories! One of the obvious accessories is, of course, Mario’s Cap smack down on top of the car! Next, we’ll need a Mario Kart…

But to be honest, I didn’t like what I played of Rocket League on other consoles, so the cross-play and Mario Cap are cool and all, but I doubt I’ll even play it, let alone buy it.


The big one! We all knew we’d be seeing Super Mario Odyssey, but we really weren’t prepared for what the final trailer during the Spotlight would start with… a hyper-realistic T-Rex! Let alone a hyper-realistic T-Rex donning the Mario Cap! And out pops Mario from the big dino’s noggin! Like, what!? What followed was a trailer full of new locations, surprises up the wazzoo, the true ability of Mario’s Capped Companion named Cappy, and… Pauline!? As Mayor of New Donk City, no less! Also, I take it she’s the one bringing down the house with that AWESOME AS ALL HECK THEME SONG!!!?

The game looks amazing, in terms of size and content. Though instead of stars, we’re getting Moons. Heck, there’s even GRAND MOONS. Nothing wrong with that at all, but the fact that the Moon Bundles are called Grand Moons just seems silly to me. Also the fact that I can call them Moon Bundles and just looking at them for too long just makes Grand Moons look like banana bunches. In the context of New Donk City, I bet Banana Bunches would make sense. Maybe they can’t because it’d be too similar to Donkey Kong 64? Probably.

Anyways, the big important feature added to the game is Cappy, Mario’s Capped Compa- I said that already, didn’t I? Well Cappy allows Mario to toss it at foes, use it as a springboard, and yes, use it to possess the hatless living, giving you full control with Mario’s Cap and trademark ‘Stache attached. Which is a PRETTY DANG NEAT ABILITY. So neat, that it needed to be in all caps.

And the trailer of course, ended with Mario possessing the T-Rex once more because why not? I was looking forward to this game when it was announced, but this trailer cemented that fact! Though there’s a missed opportunity with New Donk City methinks. If Pauline is the mayor, and the whole city is full of Donkey Kong references in this Mario game… then where’s the Toy Factory from Mario vs. Donkey Kong? Get the Mini-Mario’s and such to make a cameo too for a couple Moons, that would’ve been neat! Not sure why that’s not there, maybe later?

But besides that, I am totally in for this game.


In conclusion, Nintendo had a pretty rockin’ presentation of Switch games! Not much 3DS representation, but the Treehouse has been doing a good job filling that in. Notable missing games were Monster Hunter XX for Switch and 3DS, but Capcom later said that they had no plans to bring that west. Which is DUMB, but I suppose that just means all my hype lies in Monster Hunter Stories. Which ALSO hasn’t shown up! Neither has Yo-kai Watch, come to think of it. There’s a new version of 2 coming out soon, plus I want them to announce Busters, dang it.

The last day of Treehouse Live still has a chance for that though. They did announce another new Metroid game and showed off plenty of the games from the Spotlight, especially Mario Odyssey which still looks amazing. Still watching, while downloading ARMS from the Japanese eShop! But as for the Spotlight, I love the announced stuff, but Pokemon and Metroid Prime 4 were obviously announced too early. It’s great to know they’re coming, and I look forward to seeing them, but a little bit of anything would’ve been nice!

And the least-interesting game shown was Rocket League, since that’s been out since, what, 2015? And I didn’t like playing that game, but I do think it’s an awesome addition to the Nintendo Switch lineup. I already got bored of Zelda Breath of the Wild, so the DLC doesn’t seem all that intriguing to me. Well, at least until they show off what that second DLC is all about. The first one, not so much. Xenoblade 2 has the potential to be interesting, and I did see the extra gameplay of it, but I’m still on the fence about it. Yoshi and Kirby look nice, so I can’t wait for those.

Overall, it had plenty of neat announcements and I’d rate it around the same level as Ubisoft in terms of surprise. So Ubisoft and Nintendo won E3 for me, everyone else was pretty disappointing. Funny how those two won considering they’re co-op partners on the Mario + Rabbids game. Another game I’m looking forward to, might I add!

So with all that said, I gave my thoughts on every Press Conference from E3 2017! Pats on the back, pats on the back. Thanks for reading all this once again, and I might give my thoughts on the other games announced outside the conference some time in the future. For now, I want to broaden what I post on this blog outside just E3, since I need to talk about video games and anime and all that nice stuff! And I did say I was downloading ARMS now, so expect impressions on that!

Now’s a good time to get back to watching the Treehouse! Go on, git. But come back for more Rab thoughts and such! Until then, see ya’ll later!


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