About The Rab

Hey all! Rabbin8ter here, but please just call me Rab! This blog is where I plan to write about my favorite things, including video games and anime! Not that I’m sure folk will be interested in reading this, but I do hope to introduce folk to new things they may never have heard of on top of giving thoughts and impressions on things pretty much everyone knows about! A variety, in short.

As for this ol’ Rab, I’m probably a 19-year-old Rabbit Man who attends college. Sounds weird I guess, but what do I care? I like lots of video games, mostly Nintendo and Sony stuff, and I have a rather negative impression on Microsoft and the Xbox as a whole. On the other hand, I also like lots of anime, from the most recently airing seasons to some good oldies! Lots o’ variety, yesirree! That’s not a word.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you stick around for my variety posts! Feel free to ask any questions and I hope to see ya’ll later!